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Our Story

The Travelers Lapmat is made in the U.S.A. (Michigan), Patent Pending, and was designed and developed for eating away from a table. The patent pending design consists of a cloth mat incorporating flexible weights on the sides that help to secure the Lapmat on the users lap. The weights create tension in the Lapmat making a protective eating surface that will resist blowing away with a gust of wind. The Lapmat catches crumbs, drips, and spills and helps to keep the users clothes and seats clean. When not in use the Lapmat can be conveniently rolled up and stowed under a car seat, in a shoulder bag, or in a backpack.

Use your Travelers Lapmat in a car or truck, at a picnic or tailgate party, at a sporting event or in a boat...really any time or anywhere you may be eating away from a table.

The Travelers Lapmat is also great for marketing your brand! The Travelers Lapmat provides a great space for your company logo.

From small companies to sports teams to restaurants and TV and Movie characters...The Travelers Lapmat and your brand will be right there in your customers' laps...literally!


Eat Away!!!